Barcelona 15-19 May, 2023

Short Stay Week

5 Days of Unmissable Short-Term Rental Conferences & Events

Book Direct Show • Scale Rentals Show • SEO Summit • Luxury Conference • Guest Communication Workshops • Web 3 in Travel

What is Short Stay Week?

Multiple Events

The Short Stay Week brings together numerous conferences including Scale Rentals, The Book Direct Show plus other key events focusing on SEO, the luxury market, guest communication, Web 3 and more

Pick and Choose

Choose the appropriate events for your short-term rental business. Be it direct bookings, scaling, luxury market or guest communication, there is something for every company at the Short Stay Week

Short Stay Week Networking

Unrivalled Networking

Over the week, attendees will get the opportunity to meet with industry experts and hundreds of other like-minded property management companies focusing on specific themes of the day

One Week. Many Choices.

We understand that conferences are expensive to attend and choosing events throughout the year can be a difficult decision.

So the team behind the Short Stay Week have decided to consolidate the Scale Rentals Show and the Book Direct Show into one week in addition to several other key events to help ambitious short-term rental property managers.

We invite property owners, part-time hosts and professional full-time property management companies to join us in Barcelona in May to learn about scaling their business, direct booking strategies, the luxury market, ways to improve guest communication, search engine optimisation, web 3 and more.

Short Stay Week: A New Era

We understand that short-term rental property managers are all different and have unique needs when attending conferences.

Instead of producing generic content that will inevitably not appeal to everyone, the Short Stay Week is made up of several events and conferences focusing on very specific themes so you can choose what is important for your business.

Join hundreds of property managers from around the world in beautiful Barcelona for this ground-breaking week of education, networking and fun.

Brought to you by the directors of Scale Rentals, The Book Direct Show, The Short Stay Week online, REBOOT and YOUnite.


The Short Stay Week Events

The first search engine optimisation summit for short-term rental businesses. Join SEO experts and learn the essentials to start ranking higher

Monday, May 15

The first travel conference dedicated to the transition to Web3. Speeches, panels and workshops to help the industry upgrade to the new Web

Monday, May 15

Hands-on workshop focusing on guest communication. Learn how to drive more word of mouth marketing, self-sufficient guests and more productive teams

Monday, May 15

Dedicated to property managers looking to generate more direct bookings and reduce their reliance on OTAs

Tuesday, May 16

The Scale Rentals Show is dedicated to short-term rental companies managing more than 25 properties who are looking to scale their business successfully and sustainably

Wednesday, May 17 - Thursday, May 18

Whether you’re looking to start or expand your inventory at the luxury level, or you’ve been managing high-end properties for some time, make attending Scale Luxury on May 19 a part of your plans this year

Friday, May 19

Two-hour networking session dedicated to short-term rental operators interested in acquisition and consolidation. Attendees will learn how to realistically value their companies and prepare for acquisition, as well as lots of time to mix with peers, investors and buyers

Friday, May 19

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